Happy Earth Day !

   Happy Earth Day friends! This is the day we've been spending the last month and a half working towards. We are happy to say we've reached our Earth Month goal of $3,000 towards The Alliance for the Great Lakes! We have also almost completely sold out of the Aveda Earth Month Candles! 


This Earth Day we encourage you to take a look at how you can give back to our beautiful home. Take a moment to check your routines and what products you are using in your every day life. Take the necessary steps to recycle in your every day life.  That could include using reusable containers and water bottles to what packaging can and can not be recycled from your home. 

Stop and think about how the amount of electricity you use. Try and limit that. Step into spring ( FINALLY! ) with the goal of opening windows and using up as much day light as possible. 

Watch out for the amount of water you are waisting. Cut down on shower time, turn the water off while brushing your teeth, Turn the water off while washing the dishes, water your lawn on opposite days, build a rain bin to catch rain water for water plants. 

once again there are many ways we can reduce our footprint on the Earth and really help to move forward with protecting it. The Earth is our home and we need to remind ourselves of that, not just on Earth Day, but every day because we are the only people she's got! 



The Salon SEN Team

Sustainable brands like us!

   One thing about being sustainable as possible is figuring out other brands that also embody the same ideals. So to help you figure out how to further your sustainable education we've made a list of other brands that follow the same ideals as we possess, 

  • Everlane 
  • Nisolo 
  • Girlfriend Collective 
  • Friends of the Earth 
  • Natasha Tonic 
  • Matt & Nat 
  • Know the Origin
  • Toms 
  • Ace & Jig
  • Vivienne Westwood 
  • Baggu 
  • Sackcloth and Ashes 
  • Beeswrap 
  • Reformation
  • Veja 
  • Pela Phone Case 
  • Swell Bottle ( one of our salon favs! ) 
  • Metopolis Coffee
  • Intelligenstia Coffee


  • Trash is for Tossers 
  • Sarina Ho 
  • The Good trade 
  • Mango.Margaux
  • Ethical Made Easy

Hopefully some of these brands and accounts  can help you to find other brands that follow your ideals. 



The Salon SEN team 

Welcome to Sustainable Saturdays!

       Aveda Earth Month began in 1999.  Aveda’s earth month mission has been to protect clean water, and so far with the help of Aveda Artist and guests they have raised $56 million dollars since the start in 1999.  As a salon we believe in the Aveda mission to protect and keep our water clean so not only have we partnered with Aveda in donating money raised from EM candles to the Global Green Grunts Fund, we have also partnered with The Alliance for the Great Lakes which helps us locally to keep the Great Lakes clean and healthy.

    In honor of Earth month, we have decided to start a blog!  We will be posting every Saturday in April. Sustainable Saturdays will include posts with tips and tricks for more sustainable living and how we as a salon are working towards sustainable lives.

Here are so key ways Aveda has made steps to being a more sustainable company:

  •   In 1989 they were the first company to sign the CERES Principles ( Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies )
  •  First beauty company manufacturing with 100% wind power in their primary facility
  •  They purchase renewable energy  credits 
  • They purchase Carbon offsets 

Here are some ways in which we as a Salon are working towards being more sustainable : 

  • We recycle 
  • We use an energy saving heating and cooling system 
  • to conserve plastic waste when purchasing products for salon use we opt for larger products and dispense into the smaller bottles instead of buying small bottles more frequently
  • we use reusable coffee cups and water glasses instead of purchasing plastic water bottles.
  • we encourage our employees to bring their own reusable water bottles 

We Hope to see you every Saturday in April for more tips and tricks!   


   The Salon SEN team

 Image Courtesy of The Alliance for the Great Lakes 

Image Courtesy of The Alliance for the Great Lakes