Welcome to Sustainable Saturdays!

       Aveda Earth Month began in 1999.  Aveda’s earth month mission has been to protect clean water, and so far with the help of Aveda Artist and guests they have raised $56 million dollars since the start in 1999.  As a salon we believe in the Aveda mission to protect and keep our water clean so not only have we partnered with Aveda in donating money raised from EM candles to the Global Green Grunts Fund, we have also partnered with The Alliance for the Great Lakes which helps us locally to keep the Great Lakes clean and healthy.

    In honor of Earth month, we have decided to start a blog!  We will be posting every Saturday in April. Sustainable Saturdays will include posts with tips and tricks for more sustainable living and how we as a salon are working towards sustainable lives.

Here are so key ways Aveda has made steps to being a more sustainable company:

  •   In 1989 they were the first company to sign the CERES Principles ( Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies )
  •  First beauty company manufacturing with 100% wind power in their primary facility
  •  They purchase renewable energy  credits 
  • They purchase Carbon offsets 

Here are some ways in which we as a Salon are working towards being more sustainable : 

  • We recycle 
  • We use an energy saving heating and cooling system 
  • to conserve plastic waste when purchasing products for salon use we opt for larger products and dispense into the smaller bottles instead of buying small bottles more frequently
  • we use reusable coffee cups and water glasses instead of purchasing plastic water bottles.
  • we encourage our employees to bring their own reusable water bottles 

We Hope to see you every Saturday in April for more tips and tricks!   


   The Salon SEN team

 Image Courtesy of The Alliance for the Great Lakes 

Image Courtesy of The Alliance for the Great Lakes